This cutting system allows to cut extremities of thin wall tube, with clean cutting, with a very little burr, without deformation, and with consumables cost unimportant.
With this little machine, you obtain a very fast cutting on low thickness.


  • - Cut with a brooch positioned inside the part in extremity, and of an outside knurl.
  • Cutting tools fixed, and part in rotation during the cutting with an engine (NB: with this principle of cutting, part must be necessarily straight).
  • Very fast time of cutting: for example thickness 0.2mm, ∅30 mm on waves ⇒ approximately 4 second (without loading).

ADVANTAGES of this technique with regard to the other techniques

  • Clean cutting with a very little burr.
  • No pollution inside the tube (thus no necessity of cleaning).
  • No deformation for one of 2 cuttings, and probably for 2 cuttings.
  • Cost of consumable unimportant.
  • Tool of cutting with re-sharpening.
  • Very fast cutting on low thickness; 2 x 400 cut/h for a diameter 12 x 0.15 mm

The constraints of this technique are the safety glove must be worn because the part must be maintained manually during its rotation, in certain conditions of equipment.

In the case of reference on an external shape, this constraint can be suppressed with the system of tube support and the use of a bi-manual push-button.


  • Manual location of the part on the brooch to a mechanic stop, and eventually a system of tube support
  • Manual descent of the knurl of cut on the part with a handle,
  • Let go of the handle at the end of the cut,
  • Manual unloading of the cut part and the scrap.


Tube of diameter:
10 to 110 mm
Thickness of the tube:
0.1 to 0.6 mm
Maximum outside diameter on waves or on flared:
130 mm
Distance maxi of the cutting with regard to the tube extremity:
10 x ø tube for tube with thickness = ø tube/100 mm
(for example: distance maxi of 200 mm for tube ø 15mm, th. 0.2mm)
Maximum length of the tube:
500 mm
Cadence in +/-10 % (for ø 24 x L200 x t0.4mm):
approximately 360 cutting / hour