Based on the innovative hydroforming process, these machines assure outstanding profitability, exceptional operating flexibility and optimal productivity.
This new range of machines increases considerably rate production and now allows to do hydroforming with high speed.
They allow manufacturing industrially hydroformed waved length in continued, bellows with or without smooth parts and wave by wave.
This hydroforming machine takes in charge tubes up to 6 meters length.


The hydroforming process uses the effect of high hydraulic pressure inside a tubular part to form at will and precisely according to an external die.
It offers many advantages compared to mechanical systems, which reduce a part's thickness by drawing or stretching it. The hydroformed thickness is more homogeneous, which allows reducing it (⇒ less weight, lower material cost, and for fans, greater flexibility). In addition, dimensional precision is clearly better.


  • Hydraulic for the parts forming,
  • Pneumatic for the tools tightening and for the rods movements,
  • Electric with CNC axis for the displacements.
  • According to the form to be obtained, the work may be executed either in a closed mould or in plates for the fan technique, or both may be combined.
  • In addition, the use of a hinged system allows significantly reducing forces and, therefore, investments.
  • During an hydroforming cycle, the loading of the next tube is done in hidden time and allow to obtain up to 60 meters per hour of waved length in continued (one bellows of 20 waves is done in less than 5 seconds).
  • Again in hidden time, the machine can realize a bellows heighting (compression – traction) to reduced pitch between waves or waves in Omega shaped.


  • Parts loading and unloading system:
    • Manual loading in hidden time,
    • Automatic unloading at the end of the line.
  • Production changes:
    • Simplified implementation,
    • Change of production by touch screen (programs with complete parameters saved),
    • Fast and easy tool changeover (< 10 minutes),
    • Cassette tool < 10 kg up to 20 waves.
  • Servicing – Maintenance:
    • Low wear rate for the hydroforming tools,
    • Operator assisted by display on machine, production follow-up and telemaintenance capability,
    • Automatic and centralized greasing/lubrication,
    • Lifetime of hydroforming water up to 6 months.
  • Arrangement - Environnement:
    • Enhanced workstation ergonomy, and low noise level,
    • Independent retention tanks for the diverse fluids,
    • High pressure circuit, with recovery and recycling of hydroforming fluids,
    • Dimensions : 15000mm x 2400mm including 6 meters tubes storage.
  • Quality:
    • Waterproofness test of tube during and after hydroforming on finished part.
Instantaneous rate:
upto 60 meters per hour with manual loading and automatic unloading
Tube diameter:
ø 6 to 50mm
Wave diameter:
ø 65mm
Wave quantity:
from 1 to 20 ondes
Hydroforming pressure:
350 bars
Tolerances of hydroforming:
< ±0,2mm for 600 waves on one tube