Based on the innovative hydroforming process, these machines assure outstanding profitability, exceptional operating flexibility and optimal productivity.
The machines allow manufacturing industrially metallic parts with hydroformed ends, such as fans, funnel-shaped pipes, special tips and end pieces, etc.
Before hydroforming, parts might be straight pipes, or parts already finished, for example, already bent or with fans and flanges or premounted clips, etc.
Socratech, an expert in the hydroforming field, has already developed a full range of hydroforming machines. We assure our customers a follow-up from development through manufacturing of typical parts to production runs on the machines.


The hydroforming process uses the effect of high hydraulic pressure inside a tubular part to form at will and precisely according to an external die.
It offers many advantages compared to mechanical systems, which reduce a part's thickness by drawing or stretching it. The hydroformed thickness is more homogeneous, which allows reducing it (⇒ less weight, lower material cost, and for fans, greater flexibility). In addition, dimensional precision is clearly better.

Rouching exemples


Application Examples
  • Hydraulic for forming and tightening the tools ;
  • Electric with numerically controlled axis for displacements and slaved operations.
  • According to the form to be obtained, the work may be executed either in a closed mould or in plates for the fan technique, or both may be combined.
  • In addition, the use of a hinged system allows significantly reducing forces and, therefore, investments.
  • During a cycle, it is possible to use two different hydroforming pressures. As a result, different forms may be made on the same part without requiring different hydraulic forces (such as a funnel-shaped part and waves).


  • Parts loading and unloading system:
    • Manual on a stick, or with a robot.
  • Production changes:
    • Simplified implementation.
    • Job on call by programs according to productions.
    • Fast and easy tool changeover (< 15 minutes).
  • Servicing – Maintenance:
    • Low wear rate for the hydroforming tools.
    • Operator assisted by display on machine, and telemaintenance capability.
    • Automatic and centralized greasing/lubrication.
  • Arrangement - Environnement:
    • Reduced dimensions : 2000 mm x 1600 mm for a manual loading.
    • Enhanced workstation ergonomy, and low noise level.
    • Independent retention tanks for the diverse fluids.
    • High pressure circuit, with recovery and recycling of hydroforming fluids.
Instantaneous rate with manual loading and unloading:
up to 360 parts / Hour
Pipe diameter:
ø10 - 30 mm          or ø 10 - 50 mm
Wave diameter:
max. 40 mm          or maxi 75 mm
Hydroforming area length:
10 mm to 100 mm from end of pipe
Hydroforming pressure:
250 bars          or 450 bars          or 1000 bars